fairhills-255Curriculum is the planned learning taking place in a school. It deals with knowledge and skills and is designed to challenge students at their point of learning. Our curriculum is informed by National and State policy and aligns teaching and learning, assessment and reporting. It links closely to the Victorian Essential Learning Standards (VELS), the Australian National Curriculum (AusVELS) and the Victorian curriculum.

It develops a learner profile where attitudes, knowledge, skills and action develop local, national and global understandings of the world.

Three tiers of planning exist at Fairhills Primary School:

Whole School Plan:
the strategic overview

Year level Plans: curriculum organisation scope and sequence and teaching and learning for each year level

Classroom Plans: detailed descriptions and sequences of teaching learning assessment and personalised learning. Staff maximise Information and Communication technology (ICT) in everyday learning sequences.



  • develop a positive sense of self
  • are resilient
  • work in a variety of ways independently and with others
  • develop responsible citizenship
  • gain, organise and apply knowledge to make meaning
  • communicate understandings
  • apply learning to problem solve and carry out tasks


Homework practises skills learned in the classroom whilst also developing good time management skills and establishing ongoing communication with parents.

At Fairhills homework is regularly assigned according to the maturity and skill level of each individual. Homework varies for each grade and includes reading with parents, revision work, completion work and research work.

fairhills-169Specialist Programs

Fairhills Primary School offers Physical Education, The Arts/Performing and Visual, Digital Literacy, Library and Mandarin. These specialist programs enrich and broaden the scope of learning for our students.

Physical Education

The Physical Education program at Fairhills PS is focused on building students’ core fitness, gross and fine motor skills and games skills through an engaging combination of direct instruction and games and activities. All grades receive one 45 minute lesson with our dedicated Physical Education Specialist per week.

Supplementing the standard Physical Education program are additional sports programs such as Bike Ed, Athletics, Cross Country Running, Swimming, Hoop Time Basketball and Footsteps.

We also hold an annual Twilight Sports activities evening in Term 1, which is organised by our Student Leaders.

The Arts / Visual and Performing Arts

All students at Fairhills PS participate in timetabled sessions of The Arts (Visual Art or Music) with our specialist Teacher. During lessons, students are exposed to a variety of artistic techniques and processes aimed at improving the skills and knowledge involved with The Arts. Students are positively engaged to make, respond to and enjoy Music. Every child is an artist.


(more information coming soon)

Information, research and Library + Centre for information and resources

Digital Literacy & Library
(Information Literacy – Research and library skills)

The library at Fairhills Primary School is located in our central space – The CORE, and is the hub of learning for the school community.

The library is an important part of any student learning whether it be to support reading development, class units of inquiry or to develop and maintain an individual interest. An integral part of library sessions is learning information literacy skills. Within the library and in the classroom the students develop skills to find information. They are then able to evaluate that information and use it appropriately. Library skills are an important first step to learning research skills. Learning to use a library supports the progression of becoming Information Literate in a society abundant with information. Students begin this lifelong learning process by exploring the large collection of books by hand and progress to searching the library catalogue to locate the resource they require. This also helps to develop an appreciation of literature. By the time they are ready to move on to Secondary School, skills learnt are transferable to navigating other libraries and the internet for their information needs.

Students are encouraged to use the library as they require and you will often find small groups “popping in” to grab books. Autonomous library use is extensively encouraged!


Fairhills Primary School students enjoy other activities on offer:


Perceptual Motor Program (PMP)

Perceptual Motor Development refers to a child’s ability to receive, interpret and respond successfully to sensory information. The program is designed to develop physical skills and fitness through activities that require the use of cognitive, physical, social and communication skills. PMP runs for one hour per week over several weeks and involves small student groups working their way around a circuit of pre-determined activities. Each activity utilises specialised equipment and is supervised by a teacher and parent helpers. All Foundation(prep) students and some Year 1 students participate in PMP.


Swimming Program

wimming is a fundamental part of our Physical Education program. All students from Foundation(prep) to Grade 6 are offered the opportunity to participate in two weeks of intensive swimming classes at Genesis Swim School. Classes are 45mins long and students walk to the swim school accompanied by teachers and parent helpers. Classes are run by accredited swimming instructors and all students are taught according to their individual skill levels. The focus of our swimming program is on water familiarisation, swimming technique and water safety. From Grade 3, students are invited to represent Fairhills Primary School in District Swimming Carnivals.


School Camps

School Camp is fun and often the first experience that students have of staying away from home/family. Between years 3-6 students are able to participate in two city and two adventure camps. This provides new learning opportunities in a safe environment outside the school setting.


School Performance

Fairhills Primary School proudly presents a performance every year. This alternates between circus and musical drama. All students, from Foundation(prep) to Year 6, are involved in the preparation, rehearsals and presentations. Students experience new learning opportunities which include dancing, singing, circus and stage skills. They practise memorising information by using clear communication skills, team work and commitment.


Music Lessons

Fairhills Primary School believes that Music provides excellent skills such as memory, attention to detail, listening skills and commitment. We offer keyboard, guitar and singing through private qualified tutors

Extra Curricular

We also offer the following additional activities:

  • Chess
  • Computer Club (programming)
  • Hooptime
  • Kelly Sports
  • Speed stacking